It is every young southern California kids dream to get drafted and start at point guard for the prestigious Los Angeles Lakers franchise. For hometown hero Lonzo Ball he is off to a great start as he already had a phenomenal freshman season for the UCLA Bruins and is looking for that momentum to crossover to the NBA preferably being able to wear purple and gold.

It would only  be fitting that Lonzo ends up on the Lakers. He would definitely fit in with all the family drama going on with the team right now.

There is only one major problem.

His Dad.

Outspoken father of the sensation Lavar Ball has really been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way with his comments over the past year. I think Lavar Ball can be delusional and should be banned from staples center if Lonzo comes to the Lakers.  His comments about Lonzo’s college  teammates were in poor taste. He manged to tick off reigning NBA king Lebron James after statements he made about his sons. To top it off Lavar even claimed he was capable of beating G.O.A.T His Airness Michael Jordan one on one.

clears throat.

Lonzo is an intriguing prospect as he is so versatile. He has great size for a point guard, he can make his teammates better with his amazing leadership. He also has stage presence as he has his own signature shot, pose, and has brought back rocking the t-shirt under the jersey.

Unfortunately for now Nike, Adidas and Under Armour is not looking  in Ball’s direction. This is a classic case of the son having to pay for the sins of the father.

Lavar is the kid with lice no one wants to play with no matter how talented he is. NBA players are now starting to poke fun at his expense and he has yet to play a single minute in the league.

I for one would pay big money to sit in a room and watch Lavar Ball negotiate a contract in a room full of executives. To me where the Ball family is going wrong is that they had already started their own conglomerate with their own catchphrase and logo. Instead of trying to get their own brand signed to a major athletic company, first Lonzo needs to show off his skills in the league then have all the major names come to him.

It is honorable that Lavar is proud of his sons but he comes across as the parent who prioritizes capitalizing off his sons game and living through them vicariously. It is more annoying than it is admirable as he has pretty much taken over the sports media circuit.

I do think that the coodies surrounding Lonzo and his father will eventually wear off  by the start of next season as Lonzo just screams box office and a major company will eventually take the bait and want to cash in on his success.  His father interfering with his sons basketball life is just a bad look. The worst part is that we still have two more sons to go….

If you are Lonzo you just have to let your game talk louder then your dad is able to.  I have faith Lonzo will come out and have a strong rookie season, earn the trust of his teammates, the respect of his NBA peers and the admiration from fans. Sooner rather than later all of the major companies will be fighting over each other in order for Ball to sign with them because he has superstar potential. I guess for Lonzo the ball is in your court.

-Caleb Raves