Director-Greg Mclean

Last Looks

I know pretty much everyone has had to deal with an annoying co-worker one time or another. This film seems like it may be more therapeutic than entertaining. I hope I don’t finish watching with any crazy ideas….just joking. I do wonder if The Belko Experiment is going to be different from other successful killing spree franchises and if it is able to stand alone or just take up more office space.


Associates are under the impression they are working for a non-profit organization called Belko Industries in Columbia. One day the workers show up and there are new guards arming the corporation. Suddenly the entire building including the doors and windows go on lockdown. A strange voice comes over the intercom and informs the crew that they have an hour to kill an associate before one is chosen for them. Initially the company believe that it is a prank and begin to take precaution until a female employee is inexplicably killed. The team believes they are being manipulated by chips that have all been implanted in the back of their necks when they first arrived on the job. These employees are now faced with the dilemma of having to kill off their coworkers in order to save their own lives.

Nose Candy

“Normal people don’t work at Belko”

“It’s best I hold on to these keys until someone lets me out of that fucking door”

“You cant expect to think they are going to let us live to talk about this”

“Some would fare better than others if this were to turn into a cage match”

“Notice they never even care about the work that we actually do”

“The next person who says a word unfortunately we are going to have to put a bullet in your head”

Style Points

  • Slow motion employees walking through  job
  • Sudden kill of first employee
  • Tension as Mike is cutting out the chip in back of his next
  • Blur focus on Mike shooting the gas can for the blowtorch
  • Circle cam during the divide and conquer
  • Chaos when all the lights go out
  • Please leave toilet clean for next user sign.

Role Play

John Gallagher Jr., Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona, Melonie Davis

All of the boxes are pretty much checked as far as personalities that you come across on a job site. You have the asshole boss, the wannabe leader, the panicker and the pothead. John Gallagher was cool but felt he was way too annoying to want to see him prevail in the end. I like Arjona’s performance as well as she could easily take on more leading roles on the big screen. I have long been a fan of  Melonie Davis and thought she was a character that was easy to empathize with. I was personally rooting for her to make it. Tony Goldwyn wins the MVP for me here (Most Valuable Performance) he really played the manager nobody could stand role well as I really couldn’t wait for him to get his ass kicked.

Money Shot

The showdown between Mike and his boss Barry as they end up being the final two alive in this fatal finale. This scene is way too overdramatic filled with slow motion and cheesy inspirational music. As Mike repeatedly smashes his bosses skull in, it is the kind of dream sequence every subordinate would love to have with their superior.

Final Touch

The Belko Experiment certainly isn’t just another day at the office. This film did a good job of making me guess who was going to be the lone survivor as they built very good sympathetic characters. There were a lot of elements from Saw here with the computerized voice, the chips in the back of the neck as well as some flashes to classic moments from famous horror flicks. The writers definitely were students of the game. As the story unfolded this movie did an excellent job of building desperation within the characters  and as to why they needed to constantly kill one another. I think this movie overdid the contrasting music overlaying the violent imagery. If this effect is done once I think it is ok but there were too many times a silly song would be playing during a cruel murder that took away from the overall tone. I also felt the wrong person was the sole survivor. I get the tension between Mike and Barry, but with Leandra the story was there with her not thinking she could fall for anyone after her divorce then realizing that she was able to love again. Only to get shot and die for her troubles with no payoff. Of course the door was left open for many watered down sequels with the ending but who knows if the popularity is there to see if more manifest. This actually got really graphic. There is a lot of blood shed. If you are twisted and want to see gore this will excite you but nothing too different from this genre as this film never really leaves the cubicle.

-Caleb Raves