Director-Rupert Sanders

Last Looks

There is clearly a nineties nostalgia going on in theaters at the moment with the latest being the big screen adaption of popular Japanese anime, Ghost in a Shell. There is conflict in the motion picture industry because female actresses do not get paid equal to their male counterparts. A big reason for this is that studios do not believe that audiences will support films that star primarily women. Lead actress Scarlett Johansson has proven in previous outings that she can star in successful action films and with such a popular story I am sure this won’t be any different.


Ghost in a shell is set in a futuristic universe where humans posses robotic capabilities with enhanced physical attributes. A company called Hanka Robotics decides to implement a project of the first robot with a human brain and choose “Major” (Scarlett Johansson) as the first prototype destroying her memory of her family or any life she has known prior. Major wakes up after the operation with no knowledge of her previous life and is utilized to kill the worlds most high profiled criminals for a division known as Section 9. After Major starts to have glitches she finds out what she was created for and extracts revenge on those responsible for converting her and also searches for information about her former life.

Nose Candy

“I don’t think of her as a machine I think of her as a weapon”

“We cling to memories as if they define us but they don’t it is what we do is what defines us”

“I’m not looking for trouble I am here for the girl…and some beer”

“I can repair your body but I can’t protect your mind”

Style Points

  • Futuristic stylish set
  • The surveillance cam of the hotel
  • Major doing a free fall before executing a hit
  • Shooting through shattered glass
  • The strip club shootout scene,did Johansson really do a 619?
  • Major floating in and our of visibility
  • Doves Flying in projection scene

Role Play

Scarlett Johansson – Major
Johansson has become a legitimate action star. Rather it be as Lucy or The Black Widow, She can be a bad ass while still maintaining a natural beauty. Johansson comes across as strong, confident and reassured audiences her ability to carry a film.

Money Shot

Dr. Dahlin informs Major that she is a test subject and is ordered to kill her by Hanka Robotics CEO Cutter as she is seen as a liability that can become too dangerous. Dr. Dahlin informs Major of who she is and gives her an address to what is her mother’s apartment before freeing her. Major then goes on an epic killing spree as she escapes from Hanka Robotics laboratory including a dope fight scene in a hallway. Dr. Dahlin is ultimately killed for freeing Major and not performing the planned execution.

Final Touch

Stylistically Ghost In A Shell is superb, viewers will be blown away by the visual elements. There are some sick fight scenes as well as a lot of action jammed into a short run time. This film moves at 1,000 mph but the plot is simplistic and to the point. This film did a great job focusing on relationships such as between Major and Dr. Dahlin as well as with her mother. Scarlett Johansson has so much talent and star power and proves that she can shatter the notion that a female lead won’t draw in Hollywood. Who knows maybe we will finally get that solo Black Widow film. Ghost in a shell did return on its investment at box office so I hope that its performances like this that encourage studios to produce more action films with women in lead roles.