Director- Daniel Espinosa

Last Looks

Normally movies that have to do with astronauts in space for me tend to get very boring and is difficult to gauge my interest throughout. “Life” however looks like an interesting enough project to check out. There is a lot of star power in this film so no matter what this will be noteworthy. Jake Gyllenhaal is a tremendous worker who can carry any film to being respectable. I am also hoping the dark comedy that Reynolds is known for can bring this genre some much-needed humility.


Six astronauts on a space craft discover the first living organism from Mars. The astronauts become heroes for the discovery of the first breathing organism outside of earth which is named “Calvin” by a lucky grade school. Calvin initially seems harmless however  it starts to act unruly and begins attacking the astronauts. Calvin begins to grow and become more powerful at one point knocking out the space stations communication to Earth. The astronauts recognize hey have to get back to earth but if Calvin comes he will be devastating for human life. Now the space artisans are in a battle trying to make it back to earth while trying to decide whether they should preserve or destroy Calvin before it ultimately kills them.

Nose Candy

“You’re finally a daddy.  It’s going to be a big custody battle over this one. ”

“Fuck this experiment permission to fucking kill the thing”

“What is the primal instinct of any life form?
To survive.”

“If this creature ever reaches earth do whatever it takes to destroy it or it will risk all human life”

Style Points

  • One take opening sequence on spacecraft
  • Selfie cam interview with the students
  • Famous John f Kennedy speech
  • Calvin attacking Hughes hand
  • Calvin killing the lab rat
  • Calvin’s point of view moving through the spacecraft
  • Space craft crash

Role Play

Jake Gyllenhaal (Dr. David Jordan)- A true artist in every sense of the word. There is nothing this guy can’t do on camera whether that is a military man or a homosexual cowboy Gyllenhaal fully does a full emersion into the character he is portraying. Even if you are not into this film crowds will appreciate his effort and his dedication to this role.
Rebecca Ferguson (Dr. Miranda North)- A very sympathetic character that sounded like she genuinely knew what she was talking about when it came to the space talk. I ultimately felt bad for her demise.
Ryan Reynolds (Rory Adams) definitely the standout of the film his humor is on well display and if you are not a fan of sci-fi space flicks his comedy will keep you interested although I felt he died just a tad bit early for my liking.

Money Shot

An intense moment as David and Miranda try to lure Calvin into one of two pods. One which will head back to Earth while the other will fall into deep space. The red hue was awesome here. This scene really depicts the dangers of Calvin and how devastating it would be if it ever reached Earth.

Final Touch

“Life” definitely takes a while to get going but when it does it blasts off. The A-list performances from big name actors really helped this film over exceed. There is some down time in this film where viewers may doze off especially if they are not a fan of space films or do not enjoy long conversations about science but it is necessary for creating the back story and building towards the climax. The suspense does begin to grow where audiences will be interested to see what happens next.  There are some key components where I felt the project could have been bigger and have more staying power. Such as is it could have been marketed as a horror flick as I think that there is so much money in “Calvin The  KIller Hand”. I would have also chosen a different title. “Life” will always be the comedic classic with Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Bernie Mac.  I do not think that down the line people will associate “Life” with this film. This movie also told a great story. As much as the astronauts were proud of their success with discovering Calvin they  were forced with the conflict of having to ultimately kill their prized finding for the better of mankind. I always enjoy a not so happy ending and in this case the finish forces viewers to think about life that may exist on other planets and if is it safe to explore those possibilities. Life is a good film to see that has an identity it just takes a while to figure itself out.