Lance Stephenson made his triumphant return to the team that drafted him the Indiana Pacers in a blow out win over the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night.

In true Lance fashion in the closing seconds of the victory instead of dribbling the ball out he decided to run and steal a lay up for a huge crowd reaction. Some players on the Raptors took offense to this because it is just an unwritten law in basketball to not show up a opponent who has succeeded. Normally I would consider this to be unsportsmanlike but Lance is Lance and could not help himself.

Most people Know Lance Stephenson as the guy who notoriously blew in Lebron James ear one season but he means so much more than that to the Indy fanbase.

After leaving the Pacers a few seasons ago to sign a huge free agent deal with the Charlotte Hornets, things did not quite go as expected. Lance was not able to live up to a hefty deal and was ultimately traded. Lance has then been in and out of league dealing with injuries playing on non guaranteed deals with numerous teams until finally he got the call to come back home.

Larry Bird is an architect and he has designed numerous good teams however none have been able to get over the hump to win a title. The Pacers needed someone with an edge. Someone with that competitive fire who is not afraid or rational to go toe to with the NBA elite and not be star stuck. They did not want someone who was trying to get ready…they wanted someone who was born ready!

With the acquisitions the Pacers made this offseason I was thinking they could make a run at the Eastern Conference championship instead as of writing they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs if they started today.

After recent comments from Pacers all star Paul George one would assume that he wants out and I think that it was important to bring in a player like Lance that Paul is fond of and has been to war with in hopes of making one last effort for this years postseason.

Lance’s antics are known for getting him in trouble but one can’t deny that he is entertaining as hell and always makes for a great meme. The league is glad to have Lance back!