power rangers

Director – Dean Israelite

Last Looks

Growing up in the nineties I was a power rangers fanatic. I honestly kept up with the series until they started to go into space and ultimately aged out but still the teen super heroes always was very sacred to me. Jason David Frank was probably every single kids heroe back then and made everyone including me take up karate. As years went on it seemed as though the power ranger genre lost the momentum and just continuously hobbled on from one mediocre season to the next. Now finally power ranger creator Hain Saban is back in the loop and I am intrigued to see how they can modernize and relaunch this revolutionary television show.


Sixty five million years ago original power rangers Zordan and Rita protect the world against danger. Rita gets selfish and betrays the other rangers so Zordon hides the power rangers “power coins” and ordered his assistant Alpha 5 to perform a meteor strike which killed himself and trapped Rita underwater. In present day Angel Grove ordinary teenagers are exploring on a gold mine and cause an unstable reaction. The police arrive to investigate so the teens hustle to escape in a van before it ultimately crashes. Somehow the kids survive and wake up the next morning to discover they have super human capabilities and each have their own colored coin. In the midst of the mine explosion Rita is resuscitated and goes on a killing spree through out Angel Grove. As the teenagers go back to the mine for answers regarding their new-found powers, they encounter Alpha 5 and the spirit of Zordan who is trapped in a computer screen. Zordon and Alpha inform the five that they have been chosen to be the new power rangers and the fate of the universe rides on their ability to work together through all of their personal conflicts.
Nose Candy

“I’m a talking Robot you can trust me”

“Me and 4 other kids found a spaceship underground I am pretty sure that I am a super hero.
Pee in this cup”

“Where do we go after all this is over Are we power rangers are we even friends?”

“You did an awful thing that does not make you an awful person.”

“We got to get to Krispy Kremes and not for doughnuts”

The language in the this film is not the dirtyless dialogue we are used to from the original power rangers. Some “bitches” and some “shits”  are dropped which make it more relatable for todays audience but may alienate parents who want the squeaky clean super hero speech. My only grievance with the writing were the strange sexual references such as the bull prank and untimely van joke. Then the black ranger stating the only time he morphed was in the shower. Is morph some type of new millennial word for masturbate?
Style Points

  • Revolve cam during opening sequence getaway
  • Voices of football commentators/ parents in Jason’s head.
  • Nightmare of Rita terrorizing the rangers
  • Nuns singing in the car
  • Rita in the Fenix jewelry store
  • Campfire confession scene

Role Play

Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Lui Lin (Power Rangers) – I liked how each ranger had their own back story it made them more relatable for kids dealing with social issues and growing pains. Montgomery was a little to robotic for my liking, he didn’t quite scream leader even though he does have the red ranger cool factor down. Scott was great here too she has girl next door qualities and you can easily see her as every young dudes teen crush. Lin the sarcastic outcast was a very sympathetic character. RJ had the best overall performance for me with good one liners and humor. It is very difficult to play a character with autism but he did this role justice. Becky G has come a long way from YouTube I thought she stole the show with her campfire monologue.

Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa) Banks always plays well as the bad girl. As Rita it seems she is more of a bloodthirsty zombie then a super villain and as she gained more power she actually became more hot. I’m not used to sexy Rita this is a far cry from the high pitched voice and grandmothers church hat. Banks definitely modernized the character and definitely leads well with such a young cast.

Money Shot

The old school power ranger theme song does come on when the zords break out which was beautiful nostalgic noise. What is even better is the Kanye West power clap reverberates as the power rangers and this new and improved massive Goldar have an epic encounter for Angel Grove.  The Megazord actually german suplexed Goldar at one point then stabbed him to death.

Randumb – Did Krispy Kreme serve as an executive producer for this movie? Doughnuts were on full display throughout but it worked because I was craving for some by films end.

Final Touch

The ranger reboot is definitely in full swing.  The visual effects and CGI were incredible it was amazing to see what the artists were able to do with the command center and Zordon. The costumes were more modern and super heroish with the hard metal and painted abs ditching the spandex. The power rangers had much more relatable in-depth characters as well as an unearthly Elizabeth Banks performance. There were some missing elements I would have liked to see such as more of an emphasis on martial arts the fact there was a bully but no Bulk or Skull appearance? Also I would have liked to see the talking watches and the catchy alert which power rangers were known for and could boast they were the first with. I do not know what the audience is for this film.  It may be a little to advanced for smaller children but a little lame for preteens but this film definitely brings back memories that power ranger purists will be pleased with.