The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers 108-78 on the Saturday primetime game last night. What everyone is talking about is that the Cavs sent in their B squad to play and decided to rest all-stars Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. This comes following last weeks prime time match up on network television when The Golden State Warriors played the San Antonio Spurs and the Dubs rested their all-stars Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green sparking quite the controversy.

As the season winds down I understand the opportunity at resting stars to make sure they are healthy for the playoffs. On the other hand fans who spend their hard-earned money to go to a game are completely getting ripped off when they do not get to see their favorite athlete perform. It is one thing if that player is legitimately injured but in most cases you see weird excuses as to why the stars can’t play.

As a kid I didn’t have cable or the internet so the only time I could watch the NBA and my favorite players was on the nationally broadcast games. I’m pretty sure many lower-income families have this same dilemma. Its one thing if players rested in home games but on the road or on national television where it is some fans only opportunity at seeing them is when it becomes problematic.

Silently NBA teams have been slyly resting their healthy players through the regular season to preserve them for the post season for a few seasons now. There are multiple arguments such as athletes get paid millions of dollars and they are the finest conditioned athletes in the world. Why would a player need rest if there is nothing wrong with them? Especially if every game matters to obtain a higher seed. Because ultimately the end result matters and if the team does not obtain a championship the season will be looked upon as a failure for them. Teams want to take every precaution necessary to be successful.

Also if the players are not going to play at least don’t have them come out and goof off on the bench. LeBron James was casually drinking a coffee which was much-needed because this game was hard to stay awake through. Crowds look at that as even more disrespect as there were a lot of Cavaliers jerseys in the audience and a “we want Lebron” chant even broke out. At least have the all-stars play limited minutes to showcase their talents to the fans who paid to see them.

Hopefully the NBA will look into the situation as the ratings will decrease because I can’t imagine anyone sitting through these horrible games until they finally decide to stop wasting their time. I do not agree with NBA teams resting healthy players in their prime on the road but realistically what can be done about it?

Randumb- Does anyone remember when Chris Paul vs Deron Williams was an actual “thing”?