The biggest news coming out of NBA all-star weekend is that talented center Demarcus Cousins has been traded by the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans. Boogie has been my favorite NBA player for sometime now especially since Kobe Bryant retired and I am devastated that he did not end up with my Lakers. Cousin’s reaction to being traded was priceless by stating very articulately “It’s whatever.” Boogie was very loyal to Sacramento even though they have done nothing to surround him with talent during his entire tenure with the team so I am hoping things go well for him in the crescent city.

New Orleans clearly gets the better of this trade in my opinion. I was just shocked that the Pels did not have to give up that much to get DMC. The Tyreke Evans experiment already failed in Sac town and Buddy Hield is basically now going to the land where lottery picks careers goes to die. The draft selection the Kings will be receiving will be in the late teens at best. For Sacramento they have hit the reset button and don’t look to be getting better anytime soon. The big issue that I have with this trade is that I felt that it was done so spur of the moment like the Kings took the first trade that presented itself and they were like “Okay”. Had Sacramento waited until the actual deadline they could have gotten a far better offer.

From an on court perspective the Pelicans have definitely decided to go against the current trend of the NBA. Having two talented bigs in the front court as opposed to the now popular position less 3 and D line up could be very risky. The Kentucky connection of Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins may just not work in the leagues current state. I have seen things go wrong for the Pelicans with these hail mary trades for so long now it is hard to be optimistic. The only positive I see in this is that at least now I’ll get to see DMC play more often being that New Orleans is so close to where I reside. I do not think this move pushes the Pels to the Playoffs this year but at least with Boogie in the Big Easy they are at least getting the party started.