Director-Morten Tyldum

Last Looks
Jennifer Lawrence is bae so I will watch anything she is in. This looks like a cool futuristic sci-fi movie and I dig space travel so im interested. Lets see if I can get on board with her latest release Passengers.

The Breakdown
The spaceship Avalon is traveling on an 120 year journey to the new planet Homestead 2. To populate the planet 5,000 passengers have been placed in pods in a deep hibernation for the 120 years to wake up when the ship arrives. Avalon one day has a pod malfunction and accidentally wakes up one of the passengers mechanic Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) after only thirty years into the voyage. Jim spends his days getting wasted with the help of a bartender android Arthur(Michael Sheen) and after a year he realizes there is nothing he can do to go back into his hibernation and accepts his fate. Misery loves company so Jim decides to wake up Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) a journalist after discovering her profile and feels they may hit it off. Initially devastated at finding out that she would have to spend her life in isolation on the spaceship with Jim, Aurora opens up to the idea and the two soon become romantically involved. After a year Arthur suddenly decided to tell Jim’s deed of waking Aurora up early putting the two at odds. More malfunctions begin to happen to the spacecraft that threaten the ship of imploding before reaching Homestead 2. This forces Jim and Aurora to work together to save the spaceship and all of the sleeping passengers.

Nose Candy

“If you live an ordinary life you will have ordinary stories. Live a life of adventure ”

“The universe is a slave to you”

“Broken hearts aren’t that simple”

“You woke me up that’s murder”

“You know, if it wasn’t for you waking me up, I’d be drifting out in space right now with the others. And if you’d never awakened, the whole ship would have been lost while we slept.”

“Dont get caught up in where you are going that you don’t appreciate where you are at now”

Style Points

Jennifer Lawrence’s character’s name is Aurora which is an ode to sleeping beauty. Also some cool spots as the camera circles as Aurora is trying to find her pod and the shaky cam when Aurora finds out that jim was the one to wake her up

Role Play
Chris Pratt-Jim Preston
Jennifer Lawrence-Aurora Lane

There was great chemistry between Pratt and Lawrence. You could buy these two as a couple or at least hooking up. They should have totally started a fake relationship as a publicity stunt for promoting the movie. I hate in movies when two people are cast that would never even touch each other let alone be in a relationship but these two played off each other very well.

Money Shot

Clearly when Jim goes outside the spacecraft in an attempt to save it by venting the reactor. Aurora professes her love for Jim from inside the ship and also resuscitated him after he is  left unconscience. This is the only point of high drama and doubt in this film but the emotion seemed real and was able to make this scene believable.

Final Touch
This film takes way to long to get going. Cast away plots are difficult to gauge the viewers interest. Best case scenario such as I am Legend or Buried these types of films have to be an hour and twenty minutes tops. We are left with so many more questions than answers. What was the actual cause of Jim waking up early? Why did Arthur decide to betray Jim and tell Aurora his evil deed? How do people swim in space? This is not a futuristic sci-fi movie which is what it seems to be in the trailer. It is a romance that takes place in space. I don’t blame Jim for waking up Aurora he did what any man especially one who had been all alone for an entire year would have done in that situation. He read through a profile of a hot girl and used it to gain her trust and get a relationship out of it. It is no different from online dating. All in all it worked out for Jim because it is revealed that Aurora who had the option of going back into hibernation or ending her life with Jim on the space ship proving true love only exists only outside of this planet. There are some pretty cool special effects in this film just a lack of plot development all in all great concept just too many empty spaces.