Draymond Green is at again kicking people as within the past week his latest victims were Houston Rockets point guard James Harden as well as Phoenix Suns Rookie Marquese Chriss. The argument going around is whether or not Green is continuously kicking people on purpose. I have heard arguments that Draymond is not very athletic and built differently that is the reason for his awkward landing, however,  after happening on so many occasions with his history sooner or later it is no accident. I was taught early on not to believe in coincidence and I happen to think that Green is intentionally kicking players.

Every good team needs a bad ass, a player that is not afraid to mix it up. An enforcer and that is what Green serves as. I personally think there is nothing wrong with that. When you are on a team with multiple other All Stars there are teams that send bogies into the game to intentionally mess with the star players. In those situations you need a Draymond Green to come in and fight back.

In my heart of hearts I do still believe that if Green plays in Game 6 of last years NBA finals that Golden State would have won the title. Green’s crucial play on Lebron James altered the course of history. I also find it ironic that the play that got him ejected in that game was not suspension worthy however it did rub the face of the NBA the wrong way so the league felt threatened and forced to react.

We often see so many instances of Green seemingly doing dirty plays but if there is not going to be any consequences can you blame him? Green definitely gives his team a much-needed edge with his tenacity the Golden State Warriors are always able to compete even if they are at a disadvantage when it comes to size. Green is a very unique and talented player but if you believe his actions are unintentional, come on you don’t have to lie to kick it.