Another game and another triple double for Russel Westbrook. This makes six straight for Russy as his Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Atlanta Hawks 102-99 Monday night. If you are not on the Westbrook wagon yet, you don’t wanna be that loser on the sideline watching it take off seeing how super awesome it is knowing that you should have got on board too, then it is going to cost double to get on.

At first I was thinking Westbrook  averaging a triple double was absurd, now I am thinking the sun of a gun might just pull it off. As I look over this team it’s not farfetched to think that he can’t average one now . Every plays starts and finishes with him. He now has more triple doubles in his career then Lebron James and is the first person with 5 straight triple doubles since Michael Jordan.

I am not one of those naysayers who shit all over todays NBA players who say they lack fundamentals and if they played in a different era they would not be as effective. I want to give a message to all of  those people….SHUT UP. I want to see history because it does not happen all the time and who knows when we will see anybody get close to how Westbrook is now. As fans we should just sit back and enjoy it.

As Westbrook would say “Why Not.”  With as hard as that guy plays it is hard not to root for him. I think there is a part of Westbrook that is like forget  KD I don’t need you, I never needed you and now this is my team and it always should have been. I still don’t think the Thunder make the playoffs but it will be fun to watch Westbrook play all five positions as he tries to be the first  player in history to average a triple double.