WCW all time  great Goldberg made his return to the WWE after 12 years and the entire universe is buzzing over it.

Very few performers make it to what I call that transcendent level in sports entertainment and Goldberg was definitely that crossover superstar that WCW needed in order to compete during the Monday night wars.

2k sports can get Democrats and Republicans on the same page as in recent years they have been able to mend faces between WWE and stars such as Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Brock Lesnar and who was next? None other than Goldberg.

I can’t lie a big part of me was skeptical about a Goldberg return but I definitely marked out the second his music hit his first night back.

I liked how WWE made it seem like a big deal by  saving him for the main event segment and as the music started having him walk through the back with current superstars watching him like they all stopped what they were doing to watch Goldberg come to the ring. Watching him come through the smoke was surreal. It was what wrestling fans dreams of.

I have to give props to the Denver crowd who were very respectable and popped like firecrackers when he returned. They made this return epic with thunderous chants of Gooolllldddbbbeeerrrgggg echoing around the arena.

One of the aspects of that really resignated with me in Goldberg’s passionate promo was when he said the part he missed most about being in professional wrestling was that he missed being a super hero to all the children of the world.

Watching his wife in tears recording the moment on her phone and Goldberg walking around the ring with his son was so heartfelt. You are rooting for him to do well. I think this is more than just a payday for him wanting to relive the glory days.  He wants to be “the man” again one last time for his son and for his many fans and for that I definitely believe Goldberg will do his part to ensure his return will be a success.

The intriguing thing about the match against Brock Lesnar is that this is an encounter that an entire crowd shitted on 12 years ago. All these years later will people be excited to see round 2? If Goldberg lacks mobility and Lesnar does not put forth an effort it could easily go south quick but I have faith that Goldberg will be in great shape and Lesnar will participate enough to have a solid outing.

Who knows?

Maybe Goldberg does have one more spear.

One last jackhammer.

Goldberg’s final words were “It’s not that your next.. your last.” Which makes me believe that this is his final hoorah and will probably not have another match after this. However if he has a great showing it would be interesting to speculate some of the current superstars he could match up against. Goldberg is such an iconic figure in the industry I think that he can contribute to the business in one form or fashion.

Then the next week was dreadful as Raw took place in Brock Lesnar’s hometown of Minneapolis Minnesota where the crowd was clearly in Lesnar’s favor and even started chanting Goldberg sucks! I then started to dread their match that is going to take place at Survivor Series.

The crowd in Buffalo this past Monday however was great as they popped hard for Goldberg so it gives me hope that this match wont be a colossal failure and the crowd won’t hijack the show. As much as I was against this match, seeing them both in the ring together really made me anxious for what an epic encounter this could be. I am definitely looking forward to this Sunday and right now I don’t care who is next because its super cool to see whats happening right now.