The start of the NBA basketball season was yesterday with two very uneventful  blowout primetime games. What got every one talking was that legendary WWE wrestler The Undertaker made a surprise appearance for the Cleveland Cavaliers home opener. The demon of Death Valley is apparently a Cavalier fan just like everyone is now so he came for a photo op and the team completely geeked out.

Rightfully so, many of the Cavalier players are huge wrestling fans such as myself because they grew up idolizing the phenom. It’s not everyday that you get to stand face to face with your hero and relive your childhood.

After a picture surfaced of Taker on crutches started to make the rounds a few weeks ago many thought the worst for the deadman, however, he looked to be in great physical condition leading me to believe he has at least one more Wrestlemania match left in him.

I love it when basketball and wrestling collide as I am the a huge fan of both.  I don’t wanna see NBA players main eventing wrestling shows but  I do think the two genres can crossover as this was done well and made for a very cool moment. As much as I dislike the Cavs or any other team not the Lakers I have to admit this was pretty bad ass.