A fourth grade teacher in Atlanta, Georgia is receiving a lot of negative press lately after pictures she posted in her classroom have gone viral because her clothes are considered too sexual. This entire situation is becoming an unnecessary scandal to the point that the Atlanta public school board felt the need to issue a statement reassuring people especially anyone with affiliations to the school that their children are in good hands and that the way a teacher dresses has no effect on the students education. Now with her new-found fame all of her social media is now private and from what I have heard she has deleted all pictures of her in her classroom. Now I will say that the young lady is beautiful and probably responsible for initiating most of her male students puberty ,however, the fact that she is so thick that everyone else in the room is so uncomfortable is disturbing. All that matters is that she is providing her students with a great education and preparing them with the necessary essentials to be productive members of society. None of her clothes show really any skin and a women with her curves probably already has a hard enough time finding clothes that compliment her shape. Thick is beautiful and if you have an issue with how she is dressed it says more about you if anything. I think it raises the question do women have the right to dress sexy and have confidence without receiving sexist or misogynistic comments or men breaking their necks to get another look?  Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case as women are consistently judged and if their outfit is too revealing for some it is considered as being attention thirsty. Women with curves should not have to be ashamed of their figure and have the right too feel beautiful without being criticized for the way they dress.