The San Francisco 49ers started the season yesterday with broomsticks by performing a shut out victory over the Saint Louis Los Angeles Rams. Even with such a great start to the season the only conversation sweeping the nation was that San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick continued his silent protest on police brutality  against  the african american community by taking a knee during the national anthem.

I don’t think this act should be considered unpatriotic as more so he feels that this is his opportunity to oppose against the oppression african americans has had to suffer through for many years without any repercussions. In theory considering Kaepernick is half- white and grew up in a caucasian household I don’t agree with the notion that he is not black enough to speak on issues that affect african americans. If anything I believe it is this kind of thinking that divides us as a culture. With so much on the line such as his job, endorsements and being ridiculed by the rest of the NFL and the national media this was definitely a cause he felt strongly about. This was not about building his own personal brand but about building structure to our judicial system.

Kaepernick is now a polarizing figure and has taken it in stride as he was seen taking selfies and signing autographs before the game. His jersey sales have skyrocketed to number 1 and has claimed to donate all of the earnings back to the community. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Now all across the league different players have started to show their own form of protesting such as raising their fist in the air and hopefully it will not be long until the minority is the majority. Often times athletes have the reputation of being too passive on world issues but I have to credit Kaepernick for utilizing his platform to bring awareness to a problem that has plagued our society for long.

As long as what he is doing has both meaning and merit I consider it justifiable and he has the right to do so. Even with Kaepernick kneeling for the anthem he is standing up for so much more.