Director– Fede Alvarez

Last Looks

It’s been a while since there has been a good slasher film. If a horror movie does not contain some sort of demonic possession it doesn’t really seem to stand a chance in Hollywood these days. I heard some good things about this one so lets hope this film can breathe some new life into this once proud and profitable genre.


Three young adults Rocky(Jane Levy) Alex(Dylan Minette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) who make their means breaking into houses find out about a blind war veteran (Stephen Lang) who just received a huge cash settlement and is stashing it away in his home. They believe that since this old man possesses a disability and has enough cash to elevate them out of their current lifestyle that he will be an easy target and begin to plan a robbery. On the night of the break in the trio however get caught by the blind man who traps them and terrorizes the bandits. Even though the sightless psychopath is at a disadvantage he manages to gain the upper hand on his victims through his military background and the enhancement of his other senses. The thieves are then left running for their lives when the slightest movement can give away their position.

Nose Candy

“Only God can know the bond between a father and his daughter”

“She should have gone to prison but everyone knows rich girls don’t go to jail”

“There is nothing a man wont do once he realises the fact there is no God”

– The blind man

Style Points

*The foreboding scene at the beginning of the film which shows the blind man dragging a unconscious Rocky as a sign of things to come.

*Use of one take when the thieves break in

Role Play

There is not a lot of noteworthy dialogue in Don’t Breathe which made it very difficult to do Nose Candy… but that is fine because the action told the story, words were not needed majority of the time. Even though it was very dark for majority of the film its cool colors and great use of night vision set the scenes and made it more horrific by not giving the viewer a chance to let up by daylight scenes. Ironically this is one of those films you could watch blindfolded by  just listening you would get the same effect which is a testament to how well-directed this film was.

Money Shot

The most controversial scene in Don’t Breathe was when the blind man revealed that his initial victim was carrying his child and that was why he was so upset when he accidentally killed her. The blind man then informs Rocky that she will have to carry his child to make up for the fact that he no longer had one so he attempts to impregnate her with a turkey injector with semen. This part made even me feel uncomfortable (I know surprising) and was glad it was stopped before it could actually be seen on-screen.

Final Touch

The fact that 3 young kids can’t out run 1 blind old man even with his military training is devastating.  If you are booking the narrative that a war veteran a hero to this country is the antagonist and the kids that are burglar’s are the protagonist I think they needed to provide more of a background to Rocky’s life to support that. They did a great job of selling the blind man as a crazy lunatic but they needed to do that for Rocky to paint the picture that being a robber was her only escape and she had to do what was necessary in order to start a new life. All in all I think this was a good film with an innovative concept that is worth seeing for those jitter reactions. They did leave the door open for another film considering that the blind man lived at the end and with  filling up some plot holes I would actually hold my breath for a sequel.