So maybe Drake took a shot at Eminem and said he “HAS” something for Eminem if they ever battled or maybe he didn’t. At this point it is all speculation. The general consensus is that this was a made up story and the media just ran with it but with todays current landscape of hip hop could you blame them? An Em vs Drake feud would be the most exciting thing to happen in a while and it got me wondering what would happen if these two hip hop heavyweights actually battled.

First Eminem is a legend. He has accumulated so much money and has achieved so much success that he really has nothing to prove and doesn’t need the victory. From an experience stand point Em definitely has the advantage. As a veteran of battle rapping most would think it will only be a matter of time before Em just goes 8 mile and eats the floor with Drake. In todays current rap landscape lyricism is completely undervalued and Drake is one of the few that I feel puts an emphasis on punch lines and is very witty. However Em is still a beast in battle. He strikes me as a guy who just sits at home in Detroit and gathers ammunition on the top rappers today and just waits for one of them to give him a reason so he can let loose.

Drake doesn’t seem like the kind of dude who cares about being embarrassed. To me that is one of the reasons he is so successful because even with a lot of things going against him he does not have a fear of failing. I think in order for this battle to be effective it has to be done face to face on stage. Today a battle rap is mainly more memes than music. For as popular as Drakes “Back To Back” was it was only a few bars deep with a very catchy hook and from there it was basically high school internet bullying. Drake is definitely going to have a harder time dealing with an emcee of Eminem’s caliber. I do think Drake stands a serious chance because he is popular today and is clever enough to maneuver a battle in his favor.

If this story is true I don’t know if Drake has a death wish or really just wants to see who the better rapper is. Drake may not see one of my favorite rappers Joe Budden as a worthy adversary but stepping to Em one of the greatest emcees of all time for him to get a victory the reward  may be well worth the risk. I think it is possible to just have two great emcees battle each other face to face and have it be about hip hop to see who would win copetitively. Not create some fake beef out of thin air for publicity and pretend they can’t stand each other all of a sudden. Whatever the case is if Eminem and Drake ever battled it out, it is going to be a an encounter I would pay to see.