This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Southern Pro Exposure at the Hyatt hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. SPX is a state convention that takes place every year in Louisiana that offers services and honors the achievements of the states best and most talented photographers.

The convention offered a trade show that featured vendors from major studios and camera production companies from across the country that had an array of services at discounted prices. There were so many different products that would be beneficial to any photographer.

The seminars were very fun and  informative which had lessons in all aspects of photography by some of the countries best artists including Lindsay Adler, Hanson Fong, Thom Rouse, Chris Duncan, Gary Hughes and more. I can honestly say that I learned so much and think about areas of photography in a different way. I really am eager to implement all of the new techniques that I learned.

There was also a print competition where some of the best photographs that were taken through out the year were judged and honored for their creativity and mastery. On the last night of the convention there was an awards banquet/ party which honored the artists of the photography contest.  Congratulations are in order for every artist that won an award. The theme for the banquet was black and white with glamour which was fun because the attendees dressed to impress.  Afterwards there were food, drinks and just an overall great time.

Southern Pro Exposure 2016 was definitely a success. I would encourage every photographer or any body that is remotely interested in photography to attend next year because you can never gain enough knowledge, products at a discounted  rate and just an overall great time with great people.