Well its the 4th of July and the biggest fireworks in the NBA was the news that Kevin Durant is going to the Golden State Warriors and I am completely shocked. First of all KD is a grown man and he can do whatever he wants to do. I do not blame him for going to the Warriors. It’s a great team in a great city and pretty much its a cakewalk to the finals every year. I personally don’t like this move just because as a fan you want to see competition in the NBA not one super house team beating up on the Washington Generals. For a team that went 73 and 9 last year you can make the argument that this team next year could go undefeated. I think this decision differs from Lebron James decision in 2010 because Bron had to build a team that was not already established. Kd is going to an already stacked team. A team that he was not able to beat in the playoffs none the less and with him being added makes it almost seem like an unfair advantage. I’m predicting a huge wave of bandwagon Warrior fans the same way there were a lot of bandwagon Heat fans 5 years ago. I gotta give a shout out to Laker legend the logo Jerry West, he is the real MVP. Obviously I think that his influence was crucial in KD’s decision. It is going to be interesting to see how KD’s legacy will be after this. If he wins multiple championships are we still  going to consider him a great player if he takes a lesser role? However if they are unable to win a chip this could easily go down as the worse basketball decision of all time. I got to feel for my man Westbrook. That guy plays with so much passion and energy I just want to see him excel. On the other hand this could open the door for a Westbrook homecoming with my Lakers? Maybe that is just my wishful thinking. The rest of the league may want to spend the rest of this day to cherish their loved ones because the Golden State Warriors are about to lay so much devastation on the league it is not even funny. Happy Fourth Ya’ll!