Now before I get ridiculed for my list I do just want to say that these are the films that I love the most not necessarily the most popular or best movies in cinematic history. There are still a lot of films I have yet to see and am looking forward to watching so this list could easily change but for right now this is what I am going with. I narrowed it down to films that have influenced me the most. Most importantly these movies have the ability to make me want to watch them over and over and never get tired of them.

5. The Matrix
Director – The Wachowski Brothers
A film that was way ahead of its time. The plot was so unique as it follows Neo as he realizes that his world is an alternate reality and is the chosen one to save his world against a group of machines that has trapped all of humanity and uses them to survive. There were so many moving elements in this film. The characters were iconic and even today have stood the test of time. The martial arts was incredible and of course the use of bullet time. Every once in a while there is a film that is a turning point and I think that this one definitely served as a break through for psychological action thrillers.

4. Old Boy
Director – Park Chan Wook
I’ve always been a fan of korean thriller films and this has to be my favorite. I love the concept of being trapped somewhere and not knowing why you are being held captive and training everyday for vengeance and the journey that ensues on trying to rediscover who you are. I think this film has a great revenge plot and I love the excessive violence and torturing in this film as it is so sick but can’t stop watching. I also love the use of bells in this movie as a symbolism for helping Dae-Su to somehow remembers who he is.

3. Pulp Fiction
Director- Quentin Tarantino
I have always had a love hate relationship with Tarantino. I love to hate his films or maybe it’s that I hate that I love his films. Whatever the case is I think this film is a masterpiece the only kind Tarantino could come up with and deliver. So many iconic scenes and hidden clues. The biggest thing to note about this movie was that of course It is told out-of-order but still clever enough to make the stories overlap and have it all make sense. This movie was so ahead of its time because it was fun it was sexy there was action and had a huge level of dark comedy while still having a serious undertone. This film was a pop culture phenomenon and I think that because it was so innovative it helped pave the way for other smart mind twisting films in the future.

2. The Shawshank Redemption
Director-Frank Darabont
In epic tale of overcoming life’s biggest obstacles to come out clean on the other side. I think it was a great story about how a wrongfully imprisoned Andy Duframe sets up his great escape and revenge on a corrupt warden and his immoral prison. I really enjoyed the use of color and adapting to the different time periods. I also enjoyed the aspect of the main character planning his escape the entire time but the audience not knowing. How this film recapped his journey was amazing. Also through all of the drama there is a great tale of friendship as well.

1. Inception
Director Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan is my favorite director and I believe he out did his self with this one. I have always been intrigued by the idea of dream stealing and the different layers of a dream within a dream I think is great. The thing I love about this movie is that it combines multiple genres. It is a psychological thriller, a heist, an action and a love story all rolled into one. I have seen this movie so many times and there are still some aspects I don’t comprehend but I do think in film it is great at times to leave with more questions than answers and the ability for the viewer to come up with their own interpretation or theories of what happened. Lastly I will always credit Inception as the movie that made me want to stop watching movies as a fan and want to start and try filmmaking myself so I will always hold this film in high regards with sentimental value.